Entrepreneur, senior consultant and project manager with more than 15 years of experience in leadership of high performance international teams, business development, information technology and digital marketing in the media, aviation, oil & gas, chemistry, international trade and finance industries in different markets of America (Mexico, United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador and Venezuela).

“I am Knowmad”

Founder of Sinergyz, currently dedicated to the development of the Smart Business model for the creation of new business and the evolution of companies through digital transformation.


Design Thinking.
Business Strategy.
Inbound Marketing.
Productivity Models.
Investment schemes.
Business Intelligence.
Change Management.
Data-Driven Marketing.
Innovation Development.
Organizational Structures.
Information Systems Architecture.
Expert systems and machine learning.
Integration and technological development.
Design and implementation of ebusiness models.

Angel's projects reviewed by the media

Angel was selected as one of the most succesful leaders by the most important business magazine in Venezuela and Colombia.
On one of the projects of the food sector developed by Angel in Mexico.
About a new retail business model, promoted by Angel and some of his partners.
On a venture capital project driven by Angel and one his partners.

Some of the companies with which I have completed projects

Consulting and development of strategic elements for the fusion of Universal Compression and Hanover for the Venezuelan market.
Development of training programs in software.
Provision of specialized software licenses for workflow and filial electronic signatures
Development in alliance of the systems of organizational transformation for the group in Canada, USA, Mexico and all Center America.
Alliance building for major educational and corporate projects in Latinoamerica
Consulting and development of the online image of the airline.


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